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Car Shipping Company Miami

There are several reasons why you might need to ship a car. Maybe you sold a valuable vintage jalopy online, and now you need to send it to the buyer. Perhaps you are a snowbird who flies to Florida seasonally and wants your personal car here when you arrive. Whatever your reason for auto shipment, Cavalier Auto Transport would like to be your car shipping company in Miami.

Cavalier Auto Transport is the preferred car shipping company in Miami. For persons elsewhere who need info about how to ship a car, we are pleased to present the following hints and recommendations:

Visit the online forums and bulletin boards at collectible car owner websites. Use the word 'transport' to search things other car owners have said about shipping cars. This will give you a general idea of which carriers are reputable and which ought to be avoided. When you see mention of a company that interests you, visit their website and see what they have to say about themselves and how they say it.

Carefully evaluate the website of any car shipping company in Miami or anywhere before making your decision. As you peruse a website, keep your eyes peeled for grammar and spelling mistakes and too many typos. Generally, a reputable car carrier will have a reasonably well-written website. A site with numerous spelling errors may have been hastily cobbled together by a scammer with fraudulent intent, warns the Better Business Bureau.

The BBB also reminds readers to eschew doing business with any car shipping company in Miami or anywhere that wants you to send payment via a wire transfer service. The BBB explains that legitimate car carriers companies ask for checks or credit cards, not wire transfers. A car carrier that demands a wire transfer might be planning to take your cash and vanish.

Cavalier Auto Transport accepts payments via PayPal or credit card. When the carrier is assigned, your payment method will be charged for the reservation fee. The balance of your payment will be paid to the driver with cash, a cashiers check or money order at the time of pick up or delivery.

Inspect your vehicle before and after shipping

Now that everyone has a phone in their pocket, it's easy to snap a few photos of your car before you turn it over to a car shipping company in Miami or wherever you happen to be. An agent of the carrier will also inspect your vehicle for dents, scratches and other existing damage before taking possession. Be sure both parties agree to the pre-shipping damage report. The pics you take may support a future claim.

The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration hosts a hotline you can call to verify the license and insurance of any car shipping company in Miami. Hotline staff can also tell you whether anyone has made complaints about the carrier. The number of the FMCSA hotline is (855)368-4200.

When you're ready to know more about our car shipping company in Miami, call Cavalier Auto Transport at 1 (888) 678-SHIP.

Car Shipping Company Miami
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