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Car Shipping Company Palm Beach

When it comes to your vehicle shipping options to and from Florida, nobody offers you more choices than Cavalier Auto Transport. Whether you need right-now shipping or wish to schedule transport at a future date, Cavalier Auto Transport is the car shipping company in Palm Beach to hire.

Each shipping situation is a unique occurrence. You may require one sort of shipping one time and opt for a different manner of transport the next. That's why we are pleased to present a full menu of shipping options for your consideration:

Stand-by vehicle shipping:

If you don't need to anticipate your vehicle shipping date precisely, stand-by shipping may be the right way to send your car to or from Florida. Tell us about the vehicle you need to ship, and we'll scour our database of carriers to find a cancellation. In many cases, our associate carriers will be happy to ship a car at the last minute for a deeply discounted rate. Of course, stand-by shipping is a bit like being on standby at the airport. When someone else makes a cancellation, it can save you a lot of loot, but you can't predict when it will happen. Sometimes, stand-by shipping can send cars on their way the same day. Sometimes, it takes months. If time is not an issue, we are the car shipping company in Palm Beach to talk to today.

Enclosed vehicle shipping:

Opt for this upscale shipping style when you need to send or receive a valuable vehicle. Cavalier Auto Transport will send a fully insured, very secure, completely covered truck to pick up your vehicle. Once in our care, your vehicle is covered by a $1 million insurance policy. If you require shipment of a race car, sports car or valuable classic car, enclosed shipping is the right way to go.

Book Now shipping:

Want to schedule your vehicle shipping dates right now? No problem. Call 1 (888) 678-SHIP right now, and we can figure out a pickup window and delivery date that works for you. Let's chat about our door-to-door shipping service and how hiring Cavalier as your car shipping company in Palm Beach can simplify your life.

The price we quote for every shipping option at Cavalier Auto Transport includes taxes, tolls, gasoline or diesel fuel, fuel surcharges, and bumper-to-bumper insurance coverage. Typically, our drivers cover around 500 miles per 8-hour driving day or night. Weather conditions, detours and traffic delays are beyond our control, so please allow a one to three-day cushion for delivery. This is one way Cavalier Auto Transport keeps our customers and our dedicated delivery drivers content.

Before we take possession of your vehicle, we'll snap a few photos. You should do this before turning your vehicle over to any car shipping company in Palm Beach. Agree to the pre-shipping vehicle report, and we'll take it from there.

Car Shipping Company Palm Beach
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